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Billings, MT

Round Bale Feeders

Weighing in at over 600 lbs, there is nothing light about these feeders. We offer two models to choose from; one set up for cows and calves and the other is perfect for bulls or horned cattle. Either will last you for years. You make the choice, buy once from us or make several trips into town.

Maternity Pen

This is designed as a one person operational unit. At 3:00 a.m. when only one person is on shift, he/she is able to get the cow in, catch her, and get the calf pulled without any assistance. For nursing or drafting, the split gate allows these functions easily and safely for operator and calf.

Customer's ideas and desires

Isn't that the foundation of almost any business? Well it certainly has been in our experiences.

For instance, one client was looking for an easier way for the kids to help during their brandings. He wanted an alleyway that was kid friendly, safe for the calves, and light enough for portable use on his place or over to the neighbors.

Another client needed a palpation cage where the gates would swing opposite of one another for their particular operation.

If there is something that you've wanted to add to your operation but just can't find exactly what you need at a local store, give us a call.